October 24, 2011

Speciality Shapes

Specialty-shaped windows are a beautiful addition to many homes – but the question asked is: How do we cover these windows?

At The Blind Spot, we strive to find an answer to that question. Sometimes the answer is a fixed, non-operable solution. Depending on the size of the window there are many operable solutions as well. An in-home appointment will be necessary to determine the best product for your application.

Angled Windows

Often these windows can be covered with an operable angle top honeycomb solution. They can also be covered with Silhouettes, wood and faux blinds, shutters, pleated shades, vignettes, woven woods, and sometimes fixed solar screen panels.

The same products mentioned above can be used on arch windows as well. The honeycomb arch can be operable, or a stationary sunburst.

Often we can keep the unique look of the specialty shape by adding an arched fabric-covered cornice over the top of the windows and hang a rectangular operable shade below (that hides behind the cornice when up). This keeps costs down yet complements other furniture, carpet, paint, or accessories with a splash of color.

arched fixed framed solar screen
arched shaped cornice
Long Sided Cornice
Single Arch Window
scarf swag arch windows
scarf swag arch windows
Cornice & Panels
Scarf Treatment
circle shape cornice honeycomb circle shape cornice honeycomb

Circular Window

Circular Window

21' Wide Arch window Before - no screen panels
21' Wide Arch window After - with fixed screen panels

21′ Wide Arch Before – no screen panels

21′ Wide Arch After – with fixed screen panels