August 11, 2017

Designer Banded Shades

Designer Banded Shades: A sheer/roller combination: Alternating sheer and solid fabric bands, provides view-through, light control and privacy. Available in custom clutch beaded chain control and Ultraglide(R) retractable cord operating systems. Soon to be available with the NEW SoftTouch(TM) Motorization control.

Can be positioned in either the open or closed position when raised and lowered.

Comes standard with a square fabric-wrapped cassette to provide a finished look. Offered in light-dimming and light filtering opacities. This shade features a single piece of fabric that loops at the bottom bar to create a double layer of fabric in the window. When operated, the sheer and solid fabric bands transition seamlessly by each other to either an open or closed position. Three band heights are available, small-medium-large than can affect the view through and the number of bands actually seen on the shade.

Only available in Gallery Stores in the U.S., starting in July 2017.