October 24, 2011

Exterior Products

Some customers choose to block some of the sun’s rays on the exterior of their home before the light waves enter the home through the window glass.

We can install motorized or manual crank exterior screen shades from Corradi, or even fabricate odd-shaped fixed panels with different openness of weave fabrics. Others prefer the “hurricane rolling shutter” exterior product to also guard against intrusion (or golf balls!).

Lastly, we do sell Exterior Awnings, either motorized or manual crank from Corradi, as well, and we have a referral partner for other awning products.

Fixed Panels

angled fixed screen shades exterior framed solar

View from the exterior

motorized exterior solar screen shades cassette patio

View from the interior

Corradi Exterior

Awning pulled in
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Awning pulled out

Downs Awning
Awning install
corradi exterior awning patio shade

Motorized shades will retract into Top cassette

exterior patio shade anchor connector guide wire

Motorized shades view from the interior

Exterior Rolling “Hurricane” Shutter

Roll-up exterior shade