October 24, 2011

Child Safety


Hunter Douglas, a major blind manufacturer and leader in research and development for the window covering industry, has numerous control systems available to the end user to increase safety for children.

Find more information here: www.hunterdouglas.com/child-saftey

PermAssure, Saftey Wand for vertical blinds: This wand completely replaces the control chain and cord normally found on vertical blinds with one, easy to use wand. The wand provides both traverse and rotational vane control so you never need to think about which chain or cord to pull. For children, this option provides added safety over corded verticals by keeping the controls out of their reach.

LiteRise®: The LiteRise touch system lets you raise and lower blinds with just the touch of a finger. Simply push the bottom rail up or pull down on the easy grip handle. The cordless control is practically effortless. It’s so accurate that the bottom rail always stays straight, level and exactly where it’s left. Naturally this product is ideal in an easily accessible window.

PowerView®: A battery operated remote control system. With just the touch of a button, you can move your window fashions anywhere between the open and closed positions. Easy to install, simple to use and powered by standard alkaline batteries, this lift system is a practical solution for rooms with multiple or hard to reach windows. But it can do so much more! Control with your smart phones or tablets, set room scenes, control through the internet while you are away. This is the latest motorized system from Hunter Douglas released in May 2015!

Ultraglide®: A retractable lifting system. The cord always maintains a constant length. All it takes is a gentle pull to operate this lifting system. To lower the blind, just one effortless pull and it lowers itself. No long cords dangling when the blind or shade is up.

As you decide on new window coverings for your home, please keep these control systems in mind. Any full-service window covering dealer should be able to show and explain these systems to you. Ask for details.

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You may have heard the news about the potential chocking hazard of the draw cords on horizontal blinds. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced on Nov. 1, 2000 a “recall to Repair” ** on all horizontal blinds as a protective measure against accidental strangulation of children with blind cords. For all horizontal products manufactured before Sept. 1, 2000, there is a FREE repair kit available. You can install a cord stop near the head rail without the the blinds being removed. To order call 1-800-506-4636 (the Window Covering safety Council) and view illustrated instructions at http://www.windowcoverings.org

** This recall does not mean to return blinds to your dealer or manufacturer, but that a repair is available.

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